Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) / Section 3

Certification only means you are eligible and will be afforded an opportunity to participate competitively in contracting opportunities. It in no way guarantees business or contracts with HANO and you may still bid on jobs without it. However, with the certification(s), your company is much more competitively positioned.

Full DBE/WBE Certification

HANO grants full certification up to one (1) year upon receipt of written letter from one of the Louisiana Unified Certification Program certifying agencies that your company has been fully certified through that agency. Annual verification is required by the vendor to show proof of continued certification through the Louisiana Certification Program.

What is Section 3?

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Full Section 3 Certification

HANO grants full certification up to one (1) year if the owners or the employees of your company fall under the low or very low income median limits for Orleans Parish. Qualifications are economically driven and rest upon total household income and Orleans Parish residency.

Those businesses that qualify to receive a Section 3 Business Certifications are:

  1. Business concerns that are 51% or more owned and controlled by residents of any HANO housing site or whose full-time permanent workforce includes 30% of HANO residents of any housing site; or
  2. HUD Youthbuild program in Orleans Parish; or
  3. Business concerns that are 51% or more owned and controlled by HANO residents or are low or very low-income Orleans Parish residents or whose full-time permanent work force includes 30% HANO residents or low/very low-income Orleans Parish residents.
  4. Businesses that subcontract in excess of 25% of the total amount of subcontracts to business concerns identified in the preferences above.

DBE/Section 3 Program Certification Application

Vendors must register with HANO in order to access the DBE/Section 3 Program Certification Application.

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Certified Vendors

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Employment, Training, and Contracting Policy

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